See our commonly asked questions below. If you have anything that you'd like clarified further, please contact us.

What are the association dues and how often are they paid?

The assessment for the Harbour Heights HOA is currently $300, paid on an annual basis in the spring. Payments are made through our property manager after receiving the annual invoice. Payments not made by the due date incur a penalty.

Why should I pay my dues?

Each homeowner in Possession Bay is legally required to pay annual dues. It is an obligation every homeowner agreed to when purchasing property in Possession Bay Highlands.

However, beyond the legal requirement, everyone should pay the annual dues promptly so that the association can have the funds it needs to satisfactorily manage the neighborhood. There are several common greenbelt areas that the association must care for at a substantial cost. These areas are a great aesthetic asset to the community and vital to keeping up the neighborhood's appearance and preserving property values.

It is important that every home owner pay their fair share in keeping Possession Bay Highlands a great place to live.

I need a new roof. What are my options and what do I need to do?

Please refer to the Roofing Standards document located on our Governance page for full details.

All new roofing projects must be approved by the Association in writing. Please submit your request to the property management company for processing. Include a full sheet sample of the roofing material you are planning to use. Once you have made your request, the Association has 30 days to take action, either approving or denying. Every effort will be made to expedite the request as soon as possible. You will be notified in writing once the Board has reviewed your submission. If you have questions or need guidance in this matter, please contact our property management firm for assistance.

What do I do if I have a complaint about a neighbor?

The association encourages all homeowners to attempt to resolve problems with the neighbor prior to a formal complaint with our management company. Complaints will be investigated and, based on the findings, the management company will send a "Notice of Complaint." Failure to comply may result in a fine. Unless the party being fined requests a review hearing, it is the policy of the Board to keep the identity of the complaining party confidential.

Can my kids bike through the greenbelts?

No. Our community has several professionally landscaped and maintained greenbelts. Each is for the enjoyment of every resident. In addition, it is the responsibility of every resident to help maintain each of these greenbelts.

In other words, a balance between enjoyment and responsibility is needed in our community. Conduct in these common areas depends on the characteristics of the greenbelt. Some are primarily grass and can be enjoyed much as your own personal lawn would be, while other areas have mulch, and may have delicate plantings in them where intruding in may cause irreparable damage.

Kids do love riding bikes, however these types of actions damage the greenbelts.

Can my dogs use the greenbelts?

Our community is "pet friendly" in accordance with our covenants, bylaws, and county ordinances, and under the following conditions:

  • In accordance with Snohomish County ordinances, all dogs must be leashed when not within the owner's property.
  • The "scoop law" is strictly enforced throughout the development. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.