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Harbour Heights Community Updates
November 2, 2016
Possession Bay Sign Update: The vendor needs to make some adjustments with permits, electrical & fixtures on how they will be wired, which they are awaiting on from from their electrician. They need to get those updates to the city before they can begin construction. The vendor should have the City's final approval within a couple of weeks and can start production at that time. The vendor’s project manager is hoping to have everything wrapped up (stonework, electrical and signage) beginning of December.
Play Equipment Seasonal Reminder: This is an annual reminder of the Harbour Heights Rules regarding play equipment in the community. Play equipment, such as movable basketball hoops, backstops, toys, etc. can be placed outside the home, provided they do not block sidewalks nor impede both pedestrian and vehicular traffic nor become a visual nuisance. In addition, such play equipment must be removed from the street or sidewalk in the fall and winter.
January 4, 2016
Welcome to the Possession Bay Highlands, Harbour Heights Community website!
You can learn more about our community by visiting the About Us page.
If you are a member, please take a moment and create your personal login, using your email address. As we move forward, we plan to use this website to streamline and expedite communications with our membership.
This is also your space for contacting the Harbour Heights HOA Board with any questions or concerns, for retrieving copies of our covenants, accessing forms, meeting minutes and financials.
Please be assured that your personal information will not be sold or shared outside of the HOA Board.

Important Reminder: All RVs, boats and trailers need to be stored behind a fence where they are not visible from the street.  Please see our Harbour Heights House Rules and our CC&R's.  Reminders are currently being mailed out.  Fines will follow to those fail to comply.      

The annual statement of dues will be going out at the beginning of March and will be due on March 31, 2016.
In addition to the annual $200.00 community association dues, a $100.00 special assessment was voted on and approved by the greater community at last years annual meeting to be collected in 2016.  The purpose of this special assessment is to make much needed updates to the community including a new entrance make over and the repair of other deferred items.  Please pay your dues on time to WPI as the board has added a new policy of collecting a $42 late fee. 
Our new association manager at WPI is Jessica Stavick, her contact information is located on the
Contact Us page of the website.  
Thanks for visiting the site and please be a good neighbor.